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With renewed light and warmth, we'd like to share our story of empowerment of our buildings which are now in a better position to serve our community thanks to the help of a grant from BBCIO’s Empowering Change Fund.

We have had problems with the electrics for some time, affecting use of the kitchen (especially during Koffi Pot) and the heating and lighting in the chapel. In February 2020 an electrician established that the problem was that there was an inadequate power supply for the buildings.

The best solution seemed to be to increase the power supply to enable us to use both the hall and chapel fully and safely and from one power source. We considered other options such as changing the heating system to a lower KW system but this still wouldn't have enabled us to heat both hall and chapel at the same time, and would have been a less suitable heating system for the way the buildings are used.

Western Power, our electricity distributor, came to advise and informed us the solution would involve electrical works plus digging a trench through our manse garden to the hall. In order to meet the costs of the project, we applied for an Empowering Change Grant and were delighted to be awarded it.

The work has gone ahead, and is now completed. There were unexpected challenges along the way, but patience and persistence eventually paid off, the meter was installed and the electrician was able to complete the rewiring. We are delighted to have enough power for the buildings to fulfil their ministry and are very grateful for the empowerment of the fund to enable this to take place. We also like the idea of being powered by a Trinitarian(!) power supply.

I'd like to include pictures of a cosy heated room full of people with cups of steaming coffee... hopefully we are drawing towards the end of Covid 'lockdown' and we are now prepared for the time when that can take place again

In the meantime here are a few illustrations of the works. Western Power installed the 3 phase duct from the source under the pavement adjacent to the manse garden. The middle two photos show the view from the pavement across the manse drive and garden to the hall displaying the line of the trench after it had been backfilled. The final two pictures show the new meter box for the 3 phase on the outside of the hall and the electrician's instalment on the inside to distribute power cabling around the buildings.



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