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The Baptist witness started in Omagh in the late 1800ís. A report in the Irish Baptist Magazine of January 1880 reports an evangelistic mission being held over the New Year and a young lady being baptized in the river on New Years Day! The church had no building and was meeting in rented halls until the arrival of a pastor named A V Brown in 1950. He had a vision to build a church despite the real difficulties of the time both in terms of the state of the fellowship and the problems of building in the immediate post war period.

 In an article in the Irish Baptist in November 1952 A V Brown wrote:

"Every new Fellowship established and every new building erected should incite praise in all churches.
Behind them all lies the story of headaches, backaches and heartaches realised only by those chiefly concerned."

The old building was extended a few times and then a developer came and offered £600,000 for the building. The church decided to accept and found a new site for which they paid £375,000.

The new building which cost in total £1.4m was opened on 15 March 2014. Baptist Building loaned £250,000 to enable the building work to be completed.



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