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  • The completed application form should then be submitted with all necessary documentation to the Administrator. He will arrange for the application to be considered by two of our trustees:

  • One will look at the finance aspects to make sure that the numbers stack up and that the church has the ability to repay the proposed loan;

  • One will look at the building side to ensure that you have all the correct procedures in place as far as your professional team is concerned. It is not usually our policy to comment on actual plans.

The Administrator will also contact your Regional Minister or appropriate person to confirm your church’s standing.
Once all these reviews have been completed a report will be made to the Trustees to ask them for approval of the loan. We now arrange to do this on an ad hoc basis rather than waiting for formal Trustee meetings.

What happens when the loan has been approved?

You will be advised when the Trustees have approved the loan and you will then be asked to fulfil a number of conditions as follows:

  • The church meeting passes a formal resolution. This includes a reference to the church being treated as a business. Please note this is not imply that the church is trading, the term ‘business’ is much wider and HM Revenue and Customs regard charities as carrying on a business. Please note that unless the church is prepared to be treated as a business for the purposes of the loan we will be unable to make a loan. If you are in any doubt on this point, we suggest you take independent legal advice.

  • The church is satisfied that all statutory permissions have been obtained and that the church has adequate protection against any liability that might arise and put Baptist Building CIO’s loan at risk.

  • The church should already have expended or be about to expend specific funds it has set aside for the project. Invoices should be provided.

  • We will require the completion of formRX1 for filing at the Land Registry (cost £40 payable by the church). This is simply to ensure that we are notified in the event of any moves to change the ownership of the building.

  • The church will use its own funds prior to drawing down our loan cheque.

  • We require confirmation within 6 months of the loan offer letter that all our loan conditions are acceptable to the church and that within one year from the date of the loan offer letter the project has commenced and all our conditions have been fulfilled.

  • The church agrees that Baptist Building CIO may use the church as an example in its publicity on this website or other promotional literature

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