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This page offers an overview of the loans we make.
For more details or to apply for a loan, please contact our Administrator or download an application form HERE

How much can we borrow?

Our maximum loan is currently 250,000 with a minimum of 30,000. Our loan must comprise at least 75% of external borrowing for the project.

What are the terms of any loan?

Loans are interest free, repayable over 10 years by half yearly instalments. The first instalment is payable 12 months after the loan has been drawn.

Once the loan has been repaid we ask for a thank-offering which is equal to two instalments (this will be lower if the loan is repaid early).

What projects will qualify for loans?

Projects for which we will make loans are usually one of three types:

  • Repairs and renovations to existing church buildings including updating heating systems and conversion to greener energy.

  • New buildings or extensions to existing buildings

  • Purchase of a building for church use

  • Please note it is not currently our policy to make loans for the purchase of or repairs to a manse or similar building.

How do we apply for a loan?

You need to obtain an application form from the ADMINISTRATOR or download one HERE

Once your application has been received it will be reviewed by the trustees and a decision will be made. Any loan made to you will be subject to a number of conditions. To find out more detail about the review process and the conditions please click HERE

Important Notice

The role of Baptist Building CIO is solely that of lender. We do not charge lending fees and, whilst it obtains financial and architectural advice, it does so for its own purposes only, and at its own cost if need be, to enable it to decide whether to lend or not.

Under no circumstances can Baptist Building CIO or anyone acting on its behalf, be regarded as an advisor to the borrower nor can the fact that it obtains its own advice be regarded as a substitute for the borrower obtaining its own proper advice in advance and properly supervising and insuring work in progress


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