Baptist Building CIO
Transforming buildings for mission


About the Baptist Building CIO
(Charitable Incorporated Organisation)


Baptist Building CIO has taken over the assets and activities of The Baptist Building Fund (BBF) which was established in London in 1824.

Initially the Fund made grants to churches for building projects but later changed policy to make loans.

Over the years many churches in the UK and Ireland have benefited from loans to help build new premises or develop existing premises to assist mission.
You can find out some of the stories of those churches by clicking HERE

In the early years of the old fund the trustees required a church to nominate the Fund to receive the proceeds of sale of the building if the church closed.
Although this is no longer the case, from time to time we receive such proceeds which is used to fund our ongoing work

How this money is employed has changed over the years as we have responded to differing needs. Currently our policy is that:
75% of the net sale proceeds are allocated to the loan fund and 25% of the net sale proceeds are allocated to the Empowering Change Fund, which will make grants to small churches in rural and deprived areas to enable them to adapt buildings to transform their mission

Baptist Building CIO is an independent charity which seeks to co-operate with all the Baptist Unions and networks in the UK including, but not limited to
The Baptist Union of Great Britain, Baptist Union of Scotland, Baptist Union of Wales and Grace Baptist Trust Corporation.

Any church in proper standing with its own Union or Trust is eligible to make application for a loan or grant.



Charity Number 1185767